Zoltner Rudolf

piano technician, piano expert

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Bármely szolgáltatásommal állok rendelkezésére. Hangolás, szakbecslést, kisebb javításokat helyszínen is eltudok végezni; nagyobb munkálatokhoz - szakszerű zongoraszállítók segítségével - műhelyembe szállíttatom hangszerét, ahol a fényezéstől a teljes faipari, hangszerészeti munkáig, mindent megoldok.




Piano tuning


Your grand piano or piano is not only a wonderful instrument, but also an investment, as it

provides immense musical enjoyment over generations. A value can be preserved by

maintenance, so we can ensure the proper condition of the instrument with regular tuning and

maintenance, which of course is done by a qualified person, a piano tuner.


Silent and self-playing piano makig


Turn your acoustic piano into a Silent Piano. The Silent is a complement for a piano that allows you to have an hybrid piano: An acoustic piano which works and sounds perfectly (without any variation as it was without the Silent), and it can be used as a digital piano. I install the Silent Piano system in new or used upright pianos. Installation takes place in client’s home during a morning or during an afternoon, so the piano doesn’t need to be transported to the shop.

I also install self-playing system in upright or grand pianos. The piano can play itself, or can be played as normal, and it can also record and play back. 



Piano inspection, appraisal

We know how complicated pianos are and that most people have a lot of questions about them. An appraisal offers the piano owner a concise knowledge of reasonable value and a more thorough understanding of the overall condition of the piano being assessed.

Whether we need to evaluate a piano you are thinking about purchasing, have questions about your current piano, or would like a formal appraisal done on your piano for insurance or estate purposes; just give me a call.


Education, class


How does a piano works? The inside of a piano is a remarkable thing. A feat of engineering, the string frame holds 20 tonnes of tension, created by around 230 strings making up 88 pitches. Most of us know, generally, that the piano has black and white keys, and there are upright and grand pianos. But here's the interesting question - have you ever seen the insides of it, and understand how the many parts come together to produce the familiar piano sounds where pieces like Mozart's Turkish March, Beethoven's Fur Elise, Chopin's Revoluntionary Etude, and more; are based upon?  Visit my class to learn more.


Piano restoration, reparation


A piano, a grand piano, consists of more than ten thousand components that work in

accordance with technical precision. The aim of the renovation is to "revive" the original

structure and sound of the instrument. It is not just a goal for me, but a passion as well. The

instruments can be damaged, therefore, they need external intervention. An instrument can be

completely transformed, it can get a new look, shape, colour. If I need to re-polish the piano, I

use the traditional hand polishing, oiling or the modern paint spraying. If your instrument is

very damaged, if you desire, I can make it completely reborn.

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