Zoltner Rudolf

piano technician, piano expert

Things I am proud of

Mathias Stöckle - leading trainer Renner factory 


We had been training Rudolf for 4 years in our factories in

Germany, and, finally, we awarded him uniquely in Eastern Europe with the Renner Trained Technician qualification.

Udo Steingraeber - owner Steingraeber Söhne factory


Rudolf was trained by us, enlargened the scope of his piano technician knowledge and got familiar with the secrets of high level piano creation in our factory.

About me


For the last 25 years, I have been waiting for the morning every day to go to work, and it has

been hard for me to stop it in the evening. Yes, I love my profession, I love pianos. I have been to all parts of the world, I studied in 5 countries, I obtained qualifications in the factories of 3 globally known brands, but my apetite for knowledge has not decreased ...

Barnabas Fekete - manager, trainer Baldwin factory


We trained Rudy in the United States, where our education took place in the factories of the most popular American piano brand: Baldwin. Apart from acoustic pianos, he has also qualified for the production and installation of self-playing pianos.

Tollár Endre - director, Roland East Europe Ltd.


After Rudi had created the Roland store and showroom from a fusty cellar, had been leading it for years and had helped us to spread Roland in Romania as a deputy manager, we helped him to expand his knowledge in Japan as a reward.


I love it because a piano is more than an instrument...